Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Willian "Pop-Up" Shop

POP-UP SHOP: Next Monday (10th) is the second Monday of the month so we will be at the Willian Village hall with our pop-up shop. We hope to see you there between 10 am and 4 pm. Please see the Willian Pop Up Shop section on our website for directions and all the details


Josie said...

The fabric you stock is all so gorgeous and I love the idea of a pop-up shop, if only I lived nearer.......

Secret Garden Quilting said...

Thanks for your kind feedback and sorry we can't make it as far as the North East for a pop-up shop! They are becoming popular meeting places, as we always have a good supply of homemade cakes and tea and coffee.
I love your blog - the fabrics you used in the Mini Valentine bunting were gorgeous. I did some Pirate bunting last year, which was really popular, and just about to start work on some kite bunting for summer.
All the best